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Milieu report on 190 Richmond Road

One of my commitments in this term of Council is to find ways to better engage residents in planning and other discussions. Recently, a proposal was made to develop the back of the Superstore parking lot with two six-storey buildings intended to be marketed as seniors rental housing. While I'm increasingly comfortable that a mainstream of ward residents considers the proposal to be acceptable intensification, I'm nonetheless making every effort to find non-traditional ways to reach stakeholders for their feedback.

Toward this end, I've spent around 6 or 7 hours with the plans right on the Byron linear park, accosting passers-by for their thoughts. That's been instructive, and something I'd like to do more often.

Posted October 13, 2016

Coach houses pass committee

New rules that allow “coach houses” in Ottawa were approved by Planning Committee this morning. Though not necessarily the most contentious issue with which Council has dealt this term, there was nonetheless some significant discomfort in some quarters about the implications of the new rules in urban communities, and I wanted to take this opportunity to address why I voted in favour of the proposal.

In short, “coach houses” are small homes that would be permitted to be built in the rear yards of existing houses. Cities in Ontario are under order from Queen’s Park to develop a planning framework that permits these, part of the toolkit the Province is using to address affordable housing.

Staff proposed, and Committee accepted, modifications to the zoning by-law that would allow coach houses under certain conditions, the most important of these being that they cannot exceed 40% of the yard, have a footprint greater than 80 square metres, and can’t be more than one storey in the urban area. The land on which they sit can’t be severed from the rest of the lot, and the units must be serviced from the primary dwelling.

Posted October 11, 2016

Ward Office: meet Katie Bonnar!


Katie Bonnar


Councillor’s Assistant

Area of responsibility:

So far, we've been divvying up topics as they arise (and, boy, do they ever flood in!). I've become very familiar with a lot of the community-led groups who are pushing for positive change in the ward as well as the LRT and developments. I'll be handling the Planning Committee file for the office, which means I'm logging lots of face time with city planners, private developers and interested residents.

Background / previous work:

Posted January 12, 2015