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Kitchissippi development overview

There are multiple complex projects in the ward that are keeping us busy. Most of these have submitted applications to the City, and I’ve linked to those documents where those are available. As I note at the bottom of this post, there are several more processes that I expect to kick off in the coming weeks, and I'll update this list when I can. In addition to what's below, there are several projects in the last phases of their site plan approvals or under construction, and my office continues to work through the issues associated with those.

A reminder that for any project that has an application before the City, including many already approved, you can visit the City's development applications site to view more information. Clicking on the highlighted address for most of the applications below will take you to the City's development site to view the full applications.

Posted September 25, 2020

320 McRae/315 Tweedsmuir

The 320 McRae/315 Tweedsmuir proposal that was approved over a year ago has come in with a re-submitted design. The key difference from the approved version to this is the relocation of the parklet further south, which consolidates two garage entrances. The height remains the same, though there are some smaller tweaks. Click the .pdf file below to see the new site plan. The full application will be available on the City's web site soon.

Posted April 24, 2020

Ashcroft visitor parking application

We have received word that Ashcroft has applied for a re-zoning to allow 11 surface parking spots at its convent site, 114 Richmond Rd.

This is the latest step in an ongoing discussion with Ashcroft and with residents of the building there about the lack of visitor parking onsite. While the details are not yet online, I can provide some colour on the issue.

Ashcroft’s site plan for the first phase required that they provide some visitor parking. It’s been asserted to me that those spots were subsequently sold to residents. Our office has been pursuing by-law enforcement since last summer, and Ashcroft had been issued a Notice of Violation for not meeting their visitor parking requirements. This application, however, stops the clock on that action.

I am seeking some details about the application. We are still at the “head’s-up” stage, but I’m given to understand that this is not the typical three-year temporary zoning exception we normally see in these instances, but a zoning amendment. We’ll have to wait for the application to be put on line to get those details.

Posted January 27, 2019

Committee constrains size of Domicile development, Council decision to come

On Tuesday, Planning Committee voted to reduce the allowed height of the Domicile-proposed development on Roosevelt by a storey. Committee members supported a motion made by my colleague Tobi Nussbaum at the meeting in recognition of the concerns raised by myself and the community about the inappropriateness of introducing a traditional-mainstreet-style building on a residential street (original proposal pictured).

The motion was carried on a 6-3 split vote, including with my support. While I was seeking an outright rejection of the proposal, I believe this compromise is an improvement over the original.

The amended recommendation still needs to be passed by Council, which will vote on it on June 13. I am contemplating my approach as we near that vote. I reached out yesterday to Domicile and they are still digesting the amendment's implications.

Councillor Nussbaum’s motion read:

Posted May 24, 2018

398-406 Roosevelt developments

Likely the most contentious development under consideration in our ward right now is the proposal for 398-406 Roosevelt Avenue - a six-storey mixed use building that would significantly change the face of that residential street. I've made no secret of my opposition to it with planners, the developer and residents. If approved, I believe it would set a new bar for what this Council is willing to accept by way of intensification in our ward, fundamentally changing the function of the residential streets in a broad geography from Island Park to Golden, and from Byron to the Transitway. As a spot re-zoning, it's completely inappropriate to effect that kind of change without a broader plan for the community.

It is probably inevitable that the edge of our neighbourhoods will change significantly - as along Scott Street - to become higher and denser near transit. And, infill will continue in our ward, changing the face of our streets and with its own challenges. But the spectre of approving a six-storey mixed use building facing a street that is primarily low-rise residential and not designated for mid-rise without a broader plan has shaken residents.

Posted April 6, 2018

Another 190 Richmond Road technical amendment

On April 24, Planning Committee will be asked to approve an omnibus motion of various technical amendments to different zonings around the City. Earlier this year, I noted that one of those would be to amend the zoning at 190 Richmond Rd. to account for the conflict in the zoning raised by the inclusion of a mezzanine level in the townhomes. After putting that in the newsletter for a couple of weeks, I'm not going to push back on that when it comes before us: it's not a change to the overall density or building envelope from what Council approved. If forced to a separate re-zoning vote, it would virtually certainly pass.

Now, there is a second one. It turns out that because the townhome terraces sit on top of the parking garage, which projects to almost a metre above ground in places, the plan doesn't meet with the zoning requirements for set-backs. The conflict is again proposed to be resolved through the omnibus motion, and I'm again comfortable with that. The building has not been changed. Staff would add language along the lines of "an underground garage is permitted within the corner side yard and rear yard setback to a maximum height of 1.0 metre."

Posted April 6, 2018