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Update! Web Survey for Plan your Parks! Kitchissippi Parks Participatory Plan - Consultation

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Plan Your Parks!

The Kitchissippi Ward is endowed with an abundance of recreational parkland and greenspace. In order to make these community treasurers even better and more abundant, the Cash-in-lieu of Parkland Fund provides discretionary spending to the councillor of each ward. Councillor Jeff Leiper wants your input on how this fund should be budgeted over the next six years. With a consistent stream of deposits, this fund provides an opportunity to make significant improvements that park users know are necessary. There will be a series of in-person meetings facilitated by Wesley Petite to help turn your ideas into a plan. If you are not able to attend these session, please participate in the online forum to contribute your ideas on how Kitichissippi Parks can be made even better!

We want to get input from all park users in the ward, so spread the word about the Kitchissippi Park Participatory Plan!



Don't forget that the next set of in-person sessions are as follows:

January 26th, 6:30-9:00pm at Churchill's Senior's Centre (345 Richmond Rd)

January 28th, 1:00-3:30pm at Tom Brown Arena (141 Bayview Rd)

This round will include a revisiting of the general themes of interest and how the specific ideas contributed in the first round fit within these themes. Participants will then be able to review feedback on specific ideas from city staff including price estimates and eligibility for the fund being accessed. Participants can then further specify these ideas or suggest new ideas that were not mentioned in the first round. The end goal of this session is to have a confirmed list of themes of interest, a more specific list of ideas for improvements, and to begin the conversation of how these specific ideas can be prioritized and funded over the next six years.



Posted December 8, 2016