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Traffic Vision: Bayview/Scott intersection bike count and analysis

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I've been captivated by the traffic patterns and bike volume around Bayview/Scott since the snow melted. One of the dynamics about which I'm concerned is the potential for a right-turning car from Scott to Bayview to whip through while a cyclist is attempting to cross mid-block to resume their ride. I wasn't watching for the full duration of this filming session, but am curious to see if the Internet catches a problem.

This is the fourth Traffic Vision exercise I've done this term. Staff continue to be intrigued by the potential for crowdsourced analysis, and I've been pleased to use the Richmond/Churchill session to advocate for changes that are on the way. Thanks to Kevin O'Donnell for his continued work on this. The question of when and why traffic safety mitigations are put in place has made a few headlines lately as the warrant system sees increasing pushback. Catching and validating conflicts is important.

Please take a minute to analyze a couple of these short clips. Let us know through the interface what problems you see. And, I'm very interested to count bikes at this intersection. If you see a bike enter the frame, please count it. If the cyclist enters or exits the multi-use path on the left hand side, that's one category (press m). Any other ride is another one (press b). Please just count any cyclist you see enter or exit the shot during the time you watch.

Have fun!

Begin viewing clips here.

Posted July 11, 2017