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Richmond Road - Combined Water Main Replacement and Cycle Track

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This project is coming to Richmond Road in 2019. The City sent this notice recently to residents along Richmond Road.

Richmond Road between Cleary Avenue and Fraser Avenue
The City of Ottawa must replace an aging water main situated under the westbound curb lane of Richmond Road between Cleary Avenue and Fraser Avenue by 2019.   This project provides a good opportunity to install a westbound raised cycle track as a first step towards the implementation of a future Complete Street.


The proposed project consists of:


  • Replacement of the water main
  • Shifting the north curb southwards to enable: A new westbound raised cycle track; Where feasible a boulevard between the cycle track and travel lanes to create separation from moving traffic for both pedestrians and cyclists; On-street parking bays on the north side to be available 24 hours per day for the section where parking is currently permitted outside the PM peak hours; New widened sidewalk; Reduction in the number of eastbound lanes from two to one


Benefits to the community:


The proposed changes to Richmond Road will:

  • Create more orderly traffic operations and reduce speeding by removing the second eastbound lane.  A transportation study undertaken along Richmond Road from Sir John A. MacDonald Parkway to Golden Avenue to the year 2031 indicated that the removal of the lane will have a minimal impact on vehicle capacity;
  •  Maintain existing on-street parking spaces and increase availability by removing the westbound PM peak hour restriction;
  • Improve cycling safety and comfort by providing a raised cycle track in the westbound direction;
  • Improve pedestrian safety and comfort by providing a buffer between pedestrians and motorists and widening the sidewalk;
  • Create a new road configuration that will match with approved changes to the west between the Sir John A. MacDonald Parkway and Cleary Avenue as part of the Western LRT Project (see


The project is currently in the final stage of planning, to be followed shortly by preliminary design.  Due to the critical nature of the water main replacement and timing for Stage 2 LRT (construction of future Cleary LRT Station), the cycle water main construction is planned to be completed by the end of 2019. The cycle track may be delayed until 2020.  Complete Street elements for the south side of Richmond Road will be developed as a separate project in the near future.

The drawing below shows the location of the proposed changes:


For more information or to provide your comments, please contact:

Robin Bennett MCIP RPP
Transportation Services Department
City of Ottawa
110 Laurier Avenue West
Ottawa, ON K1P 1J1
613-580-2424 x21795

Posted November 9, 2018