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Ottawa Centre candidates survey

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Today, I sent the following to the candidates seeking the office of MPP in Ottawa Centre.

Dear Marc Adornato, Bruce Faulkner, Joel Harden, Colleen McCleery, Yasir Naqvi, and Cherie Wong,

I am the City Councillor for Kitchissippi ward, which comprises a significant portion of Ottawa Centre. Congratulations on your decision to participate in the 2018 Provincial election seeking to represent Ottawa Centre as our MPP! The big issues in a provincial campaign are often related to the big portfolios: energy, education and health. But residents of Kitchissippi have some questions that might not make it onto the debate agendas.

I’ve consulted with residents, and we’d be very pleased if you could provide your replies to the following questions. I’d ask to have your contribution by May 25, and I’ll be publishing those without editorial change on my ward web page on May 28.

  1. Traffic violations such as speeding, rolling stops and distracted driving are putting Kitchissippi residents at risk. How do you propose to address those using the various powers the Province has?
  2. Under current land-use planning frameworks, development trumps trees. Kitchissippi is losing its urban forest canopy. How will you address this at Queen’s Park using the various powers the Province has working with municipalities to create better protection for trees when those are proposed to be lost to development?
  3. Will you commit to advocating for annual baseline funding to build municipal cycling infrastructure? How can Provincial regulations (for example, signage requirements) be modified to remove impediments to building more cycling infrastructure?
  4. Relationships between neighbours and infill builders can sometimes be tense. Construction issues such as property damage, trespass, environmental contamination and others are regulated by a variety of agencies and the courts. How can the Province work with municipalities to rein in the behaviour of consistently disrespectful builders?
  5. How would you propose to address the growing call for a ban on single-use plastic bags?

Thank you in advance for your participation, and please accept my best wishes on your respective campaigns.

Posted May 9, 2018