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Kitchissippi Parking Strategy - Final recommendations & next steps

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After extensive study, review and consultation with residents, our two BIAs, and Community Associations, we are pleased that our Kitchissippi Parking Strategy is ready to move forward at Transportation Committee in April. Staff are diligently working on preparing the final Report, which we will circulate when it is available.

If you are interested in reviewing the data from the study, we have attached here for you a condensed version that was circulated to our Community Associations for their review and input.

Part of the reason the overall process took so long is the City conducted an extra layer of consultation regarding the possibility of paid parking along Richmond Rd / Wellington St W / Somerset St. We appreciate that we were able to have an in-depth conversation and discuss all angles, pros and cons relating to that topic. Thank you to everyone who sent us notes on this matter. Ultimately, while the data from the study points to paid parking as a recommended solution to the parking issues along Richmond Rd / Wellington St W / Somerset St, we did not reach a consensus amongst our two BIAs and applicable Community Associations. Since we do not have the support of those stakeholders, Jeff will not be supporting paid parking and as such it will not be recommended in the final Report.

The Report will be recommending that Transportation Committee and Council approve and implement the following. We will provide a final update after Transportation Committee:


  • Implement a 90-minute maximum parking time limit from 7:00am to 7:00pm along Richmond Road (Monday-Sunday)
  • Request additional enforcement of time limits / overtime parking along Richmond Road.
  • Increase the number of curb-side “street” parking spaces along the following streets:
    • Madison Avenue:  formalize 8-10 new parking spaces by introducing curbs
    • Kirkwood Avenue, north of Richmond Road:  formalize 13 new parking spaces (completed)
  • Install wayfinding signs on the northbound and westbound approaches to the intersection of Richmond and Kirkwood in order to better promote the 26 total angle parking spaces. (completed)
  • Install wayfinding signs for the Westboro Station parking garage in order to better leverage the available parking supply. (completed)
  • Pursue paid parking along Danforth Avenue at a rate of $1.50 per hour (maintaining a 3-hour time limit).


Wellington West:

  • Implement the following changes to the time limits on the main street:
    • On Wellington between Island Park and Parkdale, maintain the 90-minute time limit, but now effect between 7am-7pm and from Monday to Sunday
    • On Wellington between Parkdale and Garland reduce to a 90-minute time limit, in effect between 7am-7pm and from Monday to Sunday
    • On Somerset between Garland and the O-Train tracks, reduce to a 90-minute time limit, in effect between 7am-7pm and from Monday to Sunday
  • Request additional enforcement of time limits / overtime parking along Wellington Street West and Somerset Street (within the study area).
  • Relocated the Loading Zone on Ross immediately north of Wellington and create an additional two parking spaces. (completed)
  • In consultation with the BIA, identify where other loading zones can be consolidated or the hours reduced.
  • On those streets with paid parking, reduce the hourly rate from $3.00 to $1.50 and increase the time limits as follows:
    • On Holland Avenue – from 1-hour to 2-hours
    • On Spencer Street and Hamilton Avenue – from 2-hours to 3-hours
  • Remove paid parking on Saturday on Holland. (completed)
  • Monitor the paid parking to determine if future adjustments are required.
  • Install wayfinding signs to better promote the municipally-owned parking lot located at the Parkdale Market.
  • Implement a 1-hour parking regulation along the east side of Hamilton Avenue North from Armstrong Street to Oxford Street (currently not signed).
  • Reduce the time limit from 3-hours to 2-hours along McCormick Street from Wellington Street West to Armstrong Street.
  • Undertake the following to resolve recurring sightline issues:
    • Introduce a ‘No Parking’ sign on Hinton Avenue immediately north of Wellington Street West to clarify that there is a nine meter no-parking restriction near the intersection.
    • Request additional enforcement of the no-parking zone located at Huron Avenue and Wellington Street West.
  • Reduce parking time limits along Breezehill Avenue North from 3-hours to 2-hours from Bayswater Avenue to the dead end








Posted March 6, 2017