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Help! Photo inventory by Saturday for time capsule.

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Hi Kitchissippi. First, thanks to all of you who participated in our poll to determine what our ward's contribution to the Ottawa 150 time capsule! Those were some amazing ideas.

As it turns out, the winner was to put as many street-level photos of the ward as possible to be preserved for posterity in that capsule. Now I'm in a bind: we only have a few days to submit that.

Here's the big favour I'm asking of you - could you please send us your new photos of the Somerset/Wellington/Richmond corridor as possible? They don't have to be professional quality, and we're seeking digital submissions. 

This is a last-minute request, but I'm hoping we can photograph the entire stretch by Saturday at noon. To help, I've put together a list of the blocks available in a Google spreadsheet so that we don't overlap efforts. There's four columns in the spreadsheet. The first lists blocks of Somerset/Wellington/Richmond on the south side of the street. Then there's a column where we're asking anyone who will commit to shooting that block to enter their initials. The third column is a list of blocks on the north side of the street, with the same adjacent column for initials for anyone who can take the pictures.

We'd like to get only as many photos as possible to show the whole stretch. Get as much of the block as you can into a single picture so that it takes as few pictures as possible to show all the properties. Hopefully we can show most blocks in just a couple of photos, but take as many as you need.

Kitchissippi, this is a big favour we're asking. We need them on Saturday by 3:00 pm in order to print them in time for submission. Please email them to us at Thank you for your help!

To put your name next to one or more blocks, open up the spreadsheet at The most up-to-date list is shown below.

Posted September 27, 2017