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Flooding issues in Kitchissippi

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We are hearing more and more from Kitchissippi residents who are, quite frankly, living in fear of the next sudden rainstorm. We have been seeing more and more of these more sudden, more intense weather events and with it, more reports of residential flooding.

Since the rain event of July 25, Tom from the office has joined city staff at residences in Champlain Park and Westboro to assess basement floods and to start the process of figuring out both short-term and long-term solutions. Two themes are emerging for residents who have had flooding issues or are concerned they may soon.

First, definitely look into the City's Residential Protective Plumbing Program.

We have heard from some residents that the paper work can be a bit arduous and that it can be tough to find a plumber who will do the work. A quick google search of "Ottawa Residential Protective plumbing program" should give you options. If you have any other questions, please drop our office an email.

Second, it is important to report all your flooding incidents to 3-1-1. This is how the City tracks all flooding events. Big or small, staff want to know about it. Every incident gives them crucial pieces of information that will help them determine the size of the problem and the appropriate solution.

So please sign up for the protective plumbing program and report, report, report.

And for the next few days at least, enjoy the sunshine Kitchissippi.

Posted August 10, 2018