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Arts Hub in the works for Gladstone Avenue

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Attention all artists! This is happening! Details below...



The development of a Multi-Tenant Arts Hub is an exciting new concept initiated by GigSpace Performance Studio. Situated in West Centretown, the Arts Hub would potentially become a part of the Ottawa Community Housing redevelopment plan.
GigSpace has received a Memorandum of Understanding with Ottawa Community Housing. The parties are engaged in discussion to explore the concept, possibilities, and potential for an arts hub before committing to a business relationship.
GigSpace is actively seeking interest and participation from the Ottawa Arts Community, as we move forward with the next phase of this exciting project.
Through this Request for Expressions of Interest (REOI) process, it is the goal of GigSpace to articulate and advance a compelling concept that captures the synergy of culture and community.


Art and Culture abound in the diverse West Centretown neighbourhood of Little Italy. The area supports a rich collection of artistic expression including the Gladstone Theatre, the Absolute Comedy Club, numerous art galleries, artist studios, a wide variety of artisans, several music schools, GigSpace concert venue, and numerous outdoor festivals. The Arts Hub has the potential to become a centre for cultural engagement thereby strengthening, supporting and connecting the flourishing artistic environment of this community.


Little Italy is an inviting and attractive self-sufficient urban community where walkability is very high. The heart of the community is a vibrant combination of commercial developments including award winning local and international cuisine, independent boutiques, theatres, recreation facilities and mixed-use residences. Conveniently serviced by public transportation, two beautiful cycling and walking pathways also link this area to the Ottawa River and the Rideau Canal.


The expectation of the Multi-Tenant Arts Hub, the arts and cultural organizations, and the artists, is to individually and collectively:

1) Provide and/or facilitate excellence in a wide range of art forms and cultural/artistic expression including but not limited to Visual Arts, Music, Theatre, Dance.
● Nurture an exchange and dialogue among individuals exploring creativity
● Provide a gathering /connecting place
● Offer a place to celebrate, engage, and learn about community
● Offer classes or courses to students of all ages
● Offer classes or courses specifically designed for older adults

2) Contribute to a socially inclusive community hub. To deliver on these objectives, the Expression of Interest will be relevant to individuals, partnerships, organizations or collectives who:
● celebrate diversity
● promote inclusivity
● seek collaborative work
● actively teach, perform and/or create


Potential use for the space in the proposed Multi-Tenant Arts Hub would include (but not be limited to):
● Performance and related spaces
● Shared space for exhibits, rehearsals, performances, meetings, lectures
● Administrative spaces
● Gallery space
● Studio space
● Music instruction studios


Little Italy, a vibrant neighbourhood in Ottawa West Centretown has been identified as a potential location for the Multi-Tenant Arts Hub.
If this vision is realized, the Hub would be situated within a community thriving with culture, entertainment, restaurants, boutiques, as well as walking paths, cycling paths, and access to public transportation.
This area is in close proximity to West Wellington, Chinatown, and Dow’s Lake.


The objective of this REOI is to assess interest in the new Multi-Tenant Arts Hub, and the potential for development and programming from a broad range of Ottawa’s arts and cultural community.
The intent for the Multi-Tenant Arts Hub is to provide space where the ongoing operating expenses are affordable and independent of current market fluctuations.
Creating opportunities for artistic expression, learning and engagement for active older adults in a safe, diverse and inclusive community is an important aspect of the overall design concept in developing the Multi- Tenant Arts Hub.


Primary tenants would include not-for-profit cultural organizations and/or individuals who are leaseholders of space within the building.



It is expected that this informal REOI release and assessment process will be completed by the end of December 2018.
Following evaluation of REOI submissions, Ottawa Live Arts Community will notify Respondents of the next steps, which may include information sessions, or an invited or open-call Request for Proposals process.


Submissions under this REOI process do not confer obligations by Ottawa Live Arts Community/OCH to the Respondents in relation to subsequent processes related to the Multi-Tenant Arts Hub. See major section VIII LIMITATIONS for more detail.


Ottawa Community Housing

OCH is the largest social housing provider in Ottawa and the second largest in Ontario. The OCH provides approximately 15,000 homes to 32,000 tenants and manages two-thirds of the city’s housing portfolio. The mandate of OCH is to deliver quality affordable housing, and develop inclusive, safe and healthy communities.

Ottawa Live Arts Community

The board of directors for GigSpace and Alcorn Music Studios are the driving force behind the Ottawa Live Arts Community initiative. GigSpace Performance Studio is in its 6th season of presenting concerts featuring world class musicians from across Canada, the United States, Europe, and Brazil. Alcorn Music Studios was established in 2006. Together GigSpace and Alcorn Music Studios provide a creative community for students of all ages to grow and develop as musicians.
Steering Committee
● Marilee Townsend-Alcorn
● Tim Bedner
● Mark Alcorn
● Nicole Ratté

Advisory Committee

An Advisory Committee will be convening to review responses to the REOI process. Members will be drawn from but not limited to:
 GigSpace Board of Directors
 Ottawa Community Housing
 Ottawa Live Arts Community Advisory Board


Respondents are asked to download the attached form and respond to the following requirements:
● Statement of Interest - single paragraph
● A brief description of your Arts Organization
● An outline of your space requirements and their uses
● Indicate if interested in shared space
● Indicate if interested in office space only and intended use
● A brief outline of current programming
● A brief outline of current or future programming designed for active older adults

All REOI responses are to be submitted both by

In hard copy to:
953 Gladstone Ave.
Ottawa, ON,

Posted November 9, 2018