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Affordable housing near transit: staff response

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Late last year, I outlined in my first look at inclusionary zoning regulations my concern that housing is becoming increasingly unaffordable in the vicinity of our new LRT lines, particularly in Kitchissippi ward. As market demand skyrockets, housing in our ward is increasingly out-of-reach to many.

In January, at City Council, I made an inquiry of staff to ask about the tools available to us as a city to address the issue of housing affordability in the vicinity of transit. This week, staff from multiple departments provided their response to my questions.

The answers are approximately what I would have expected. At the high level, what I take away from their replies is that there are several tools available to increase the supply of affordable housing near transit, but that those require capital dollars. It's also evident that a coordinated approach to taking advantage of opportunities is required among multiple stakeholders within the bureaucracy.

At the same time, my colleague Councillor McKenney has raised the need for a task force or working group to ensure that affordable housing is located on new transit lines.

I've attached the staff response to my inquiry below, and will be discussing it in the coming days with housing advocates and colleagues.


Posted May 8, 2018