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90 Champagne Ave - Site Plan Control Application Concurrence

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Last year, the developer at 90 Champagne put forward a site plan for their proposed building, and I was pleased at the practical engagement with that that we had from the community. At an open house, I heard a clear open-mindedness to encouraging the developer to seek a zoning by-law amendment that would allow them to go a little taller in return for pulling the building away from nearby buildings. I advocated strongly with the developer to consider it.

Despite that feedback from the community and myself, however, the developer has determined after consideration to move ahead with a building that can be built without further permissions. They are not going to seek permission to go higher than they're already allowed. However, I am pleased to see that the driveway has been moved to create a larger buffer between this building and the adjacent one to the south, something we heard a lot about during consultation.

Below you'll find the new plans. Since it's being proposed within the zoning and with that additional buffer, I'll be providing my concurrence to staff to exercise their delegated authority to approve the new site plan.

Posted September 11, 2020