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701 Churchill Ave - Site Plan Control Proposal

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A Site Plan Control application to construct a four-storey, low-rise apartment dwelling with 12 dwelling units at 701 Churchill Ave has been submitted to the City of Ottawa. The building will feature a communal landscaped rear yard. As well, no vehicular parking is proposed. The building is proposed to contain six bike parking spaces. Enclosed refuse storage is provided at the base level, with zoning compliance 1.2m aisle access. The building also features sunken terraces for the dwelling units at-grade to provide accessible amenity area. A generous amount of glazing will provide 'eyes on the street' and will also frame and animate the streetscape. Private terraces are also proposed in certain locations on the front and year of the building. The building will also include a wheelchair life in addition to internal staircases, in order to faciliate barrier-free access to the ground floor units. 
In addition to the Site Plan Control application, they applicant will be seeking some minor variances via the Committee of Adjustment. These will include: communal amenity area deficiency, reduced corner yard setbacks, rear yard setbacks, projection of the sunken terraces, and building height (an additional 35cm). The final details of the minor variances will be determined as the Site Plan Control goes through circulation.
Please consider reviewing the details of the Site Plan Control and submitting your feedback both to our office via and / or, as well as to the lead planner Ann via Ann.O' 
Thank you.
Posted August 8, 2019