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52 Garland Ave - Site Plan Submission

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A Site Plan submission was made for 52 Garland in August 2020, and has since been resubmitted. It is a standard site plan control application and does not require public consultation or the posting of a sign. 

Applicant’s Proposal

A Site Plan Control application to construct a four-storey mixed-use building, with one unit of ground floor retail space and 12 dwelling units.

Proposal Details

The property is located on the south side of Garland Street, between Ladouceur Street to the north and Armstrong Street to the south.

The site is approximately 308 square metres in size, with a frontage of 10.21 metres on Garland Street. The site contains an existing two-storey residential building that will be demolished. To the north of the site is office and service commercial and low-rise residential, and to the south is low-rise residential. To the east of the site is low-rise commercial and retail, and to the west is low-rise residential.

The applicant has proposed to develop a four-storey mixed-use building, with one ground floor of retail space and 12 dwelling units. The dwelling units include 10 one-bedroom units, and four studio apartments. The ground floor of the building includes one unit of retail. No vehicular parking is proposed as part of the development application. Six covered outdoor bicycle spaces and four additional indoor spaces will be provided. Amenity area of the development will include a rooftop terrace, and rear yard amenity space.

Minor variances (to be applied for shortly) will be required for:

  • A reduced front yard setback of 1.5m where 3.0 is required, and
  • A reduce minimum rear yard setback for the upper stories of 6.4m where 7.5 is required

The most recent plans can be reviewed on DevApps.

If you have any questions or concerns about the application, please e-mail and / or, as well as the lead planner on the file Simon, at 

Posted May 26, 2021