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411, 415 Ravenhill - Site Plan Submission

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The City of Ottawa has received a Site Plan Application for 411, 415 Ravenhill Ave. The subject sites are located at 411-415 Ravenhill Avenue, west of the Ravenhill Avenue and Roosevelt Avenue intersection. The combined site area is approximately 614 metres squared, with 20.13 metres of frontage on Ravenhill Avenue. The sites are currently occupied by two triplexes. The properties are located within a residential neighbourhood with a mix of low- and mid-rise dwellings. North of the site is Richmond Road, a traditional mainstreet, that features mid-rise mixed-use buildings. The Dominion Transit Station is located roughly 500 metres north of the subject site. Abutting the subject site to the west are triplex dwellings. The subject sites are zoned Residential Fourth Density Zone, Subzone UC, Exception 2685 (R4UC[2685]). The proposed development would establish an additional residential unit in the basements of each of the existing buildings. The addition of a fourth unit converts the use of the buildings from triplexes to low-rise apartment dwellings. The existing building envelopes will not be altered. 

The most recent plans can be reviewed on DevApps.

If you have any questions or concerns about the application, please e-mail, as well as the lead planner on the file Seana, at

Posted July 23, 2021