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The 2019 novel coronavirus - staying up to date

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Hi Kitchissippi! Tonight I know many people are nervous about the Covid19 headlines. We've seen big event cancellations, confirmed cases of coronavirus in Ottawa including our Prime Minister's partner, and lots of news coverage. Getting accurate information about how we should react, and staying up to date with how our public health officials are protecting us, is important.

In difficult times, I've often worked to get information to residents and let people know what's happening in their neighbourhoods. With this pandemic, though, I and my counterparts are taking a back seat to our public health officials who are making decisions based on evidence and collaboration with their colleagues at the provincial, federal and global levels.

So how can you stay up-to-date? As the situation is fluid and the response by health authorities escalates, you can stay abreast of developments through Ottawa Public Health's web site at…/public-health-topics/no…. It has updates and links to provincial and federal sources of information that you can trust. It has advice for people returning from travel, and people who may be worried about symptoms if they're feeling unwell, as well as guidance on when you should call OPH or another body like Tele-health.

If you're reading media to find out more, be sure you're visiting trusted local sources like CTV, CBC, CFRA, the Citizen/Sun, Global, 1310 and other professional outlets. Resist the temptation to share information from sources if you're uncertain you can trust them, and be aware of the difference between editorial comment and news reporting.

Keep in mind that it's ok to turn off the news and social media. The current situation is strange and might be frightening. Remember it's ok not to be ok, and if you want to talk to someone the Ottawa Distress Centre is available at 613-238-3311.

For my part, I'll stick to passing on trusted updates from the City and its partners; my own use of social media with respect to the coronavirus for the next while will be limited to helping our partners spread accurate, trusted information.

Posted March 12, 2020