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20-storey application filed for Clifton/Scott

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EBC - a construction firm - is making one of its forays into property development with a proposal at the corner of Scott/Clifton (the Buddhist temple lot) for a 20-storey tower. I have just recently been briefed on this and my office will be working over the next few days to set up a public consultation on the proposal. In the meantime, you can view the proposal details here.

In my very early comments to City staff, I've noted that I consider this to be too tall to contemplate in advance of a refresh of the Westboro secondary plan, am extremely concerned about the traffic implications for Clifton (which we've been seeking to try to calm further than it is), and too much of an incursion into the residential zone as it wraps around onto Clifton with no discernible plan for affordable housing near transit.

We'll apprise residents of whatever arrangements we make for an open house as soon as possible.

Posted November 1, 2018