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190 Richmond Rd – development update

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In May 2017, residents will remember that the development application to build two six-storey buildings on the back portion of the property at 190 Richmond Rd. (the Superstore site) was approved. Since the approval, the applicant has been working through their site plan control application for the development. That site plan was also approved and the notice of decision will be provided shortly. The developer is eager to get the project underway.


There are two potential changes being proposed:

The first is regarding the at-grade dwelling units that will face the Byron Linear Park. The developer has reconfigured some of their internal floorplates and lay outs, and they have found an opportunity for the at-grade dwelling units. The developer is proposing that these at-grade units have a little bit of a yard, still within their property parcel. They are proposing to delineate the property line between their property and the Byron Linear Park with landscaping which would include a wrought-iron fence and hedges. The concept is to create a yard space for the tenants that will feel like their space, while respecting the boundaries of the park, and continuing to promote public enjoyment of Byron Linear Park.

We’ve attached the renderings (on the bottom of this post) of what this configuration could look like, and welcome and input or thoughts that you may have.

The other potential changes to these ground-floor dwelling units is to include a mezzanine level within the unit. The Zoning By-law recognizes the mezzanine as a storey by definition, which means the building stepback that is required for the upper two storeys (currently the 5th and 6th) would no longer comply with the Zoning that was approved by Council since the mezzanine would technically add another storey and change where the stepback is to occur. The proposal does not impact the approved height of building nor the required stepback of the upper storeys. However, the zoning deficiency would need to be revised to address this change. For clarity, the requested proposal does not change the approved height and mass with stepbacks; this would remain the same. In other words, the outside of the building will look the same.

Since the developer has site plan approval for their current design, they will be able to get underway on construction, anticipating changes as construction advances. Staff have proposed that the required zoning change, which Councillor Leiper supports, can be addressed through the regular omnibus anomalies report. We consider that this is appropriate given the head’s up that we’ve been given and have now passed on to residents. This would likely go to Planning Committee and Council in the second quarter of this year. The site plan amendment, assuming Councillor Leiper continues to support it after hearing feedback, would be accomplished at the staff level.

Thank you and don't hesitate to reach out for clarity or to provide any input on these two changes. 




Posted January 3, 2018