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1705 Carling proposal: Site Plan Application updates

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You may recall in late Spring, we held an open house with the community to discuss the Site Plan Control Application for a development at 1705 Carling Ave (Webb's Motel).  The applicant made a few changes to the current application, as follows:

  •        Four trees on the Tillbury ROW (between Tillbury and Tillbury West) are now shown as proposed to be removed, however financial compensation will need to be provided to replant new trees in the area. The trees need to be removed to service the development. The applicant explored alternative options to the current servicing alignment which runs under the four trees to be impacted on the Tillbury right-of-way. However, it was determined that there was no servicing alignment/path available from the existing lines on Tillbury that could avoid the trees and/or their root zones. It was also noted by Forestry that the trees in question have been determined to be affected by disease which is contagious.
  •         A fence is indicated around the proposed parkland to be conveyed.
  •        Revisions to the size and location of the loading bay to comply with zoning requirements.
  •        Modifications to the building design and front façade to address recommendations made by the Urban Design Review Panel, including introduction of a setback for the top floors of the building at the east end.
  •        A total of 70 parking spaces are proposed (including both surface and underground), in excess of the minimum zoning requirement for the proposed development (for both resident and visitor rates).

These updates are indicated on DevApps if you'd like to review them more in-depth. 

Posted September 12, 2018