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1560 Scott Street - Site Plan Control Application

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*Please note that due to a technical mishap, this blog post was not posted when the application was originally received. Nonetheless, please note that comments are still being accepted on this application*

A Site Plan Control application to construct a 25-storey mixed use building containing 281 dwelling units and 54 square meters of ground floor commercial. A total of 20 visitor parking spaces and approximately 281 bicycle parking stalls are provided.

The subject site is located at the southeast quadrant of the Scott Street and Holland Avenue intersection. The subject site consists of a portion of the subject property containing the southeast wing of the existing one-storey concourse. The subject site has a lot area of approximately 1,210 square meters with 42 meters of frontage along Hamilton Avenue.

The subject site is surrounded by a wide-ranging mix of land uses and densities. To the north of the property, past Scott Street, is Tunney’s Pasture LRT Station. Further north is the Tunney’s Pasture Federal Government office campus, which is planned for redevelopment into a compact mixed-use node around the transit station. To the east, past the intersection of Bullman Street and Hamilton Avenue North, the area is characterized by low and mid-rise residential and commercial uses. Further east is Parkdale Avenue. To the south of the property is s a mid-block pedestrian promenade providing access to the property’s existing underground parking garage. The residential lands south of the promenade contain a central greenspace courtyard that is framed by low-rise townhomes and 9-storey residential buildings. To the west is Holland Avenue and low-rise residential blocks consisting of mixed building age and typology.

The property is currently occupied by the Holland Cross complex, a 1980s development consisting of two 8-storey office towers and a broad single-storey concourse of commercial land uses. In terms of connectivity, the proposed development will make minor changes to how the facility now operates. New visitor parking, bicycle parking, and residential storage lockers will be provided within the existing below-grade parking garage, with internal access. The easterly end of the pedestrian promenade will be redesigned with a landscaping plan focused on enhancing the public realm for both transient users and new residents of the complex. The proposed development is a 25-storey mixed use building. Underground visitor parking and resident storage space, an improved ground-level mid-block connection, and bicycle parking are also proposed. The proposed building's mass is divided into three sections: a base, a middle, and an upper component, which adds visual appeal, offers massing transition, and adheres to a 20-meter tower setback from the nearby townhouses to the south. The residential lobby and amenity rooms, as well as commercial retail space, will be located on the ground floor.

The submission is live on Devapps , where you can review additional supporting documents for this application.

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Posted May 20, 2022