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Event / Media / Photo op tomorrow - Back to School Colourful Feet

I and Liveable Bayswater are hosting an event tomorrow to draw attention to the need be careful on the roads as the kids head back to school. 

Where: corner of Bayswater and Beech

When: 10 am, August 27

Here's the bumph, .pdf attachment below.

27 August 2015 – The kids start going back to school beginning September 2. Kitchissippi Councillor Jeff Leiper, joined by Liveable Bayswater, wants drivers to pay special attention as children begin walking and biking to school again.


Armstrong study terms of reference

In late spring this year, Council passed a new zoning by-law that protects existing and creates new "local commercial" zoning, something I've been looking at since the beginning of the year ( 


Hazardous waste pickup - logistics changes

Just a head's up for everyone, there will be an upcoming household hazardous waste depot coming up September 20th at Tunney's Pasture. In response to a very reasonable noise complaint I got after the last one - the loudest part of set-up and take-down is directly adjacent to Northwestern neighbours - I asked for some re-jigging before providing my concurrence for the September one. Much of the activity is now being re-located to the other side of Sir Fredrick Banting, a couple of hundred metres further away from houses and with trees and a small berm acting as a buffer.


Committee of Adjustment: Bryon/Hilson and Athlone updates

Earlier this week, I posted my letter to the Committee of Adjustment with respect to a proposal at 434 Hilson to add four units on the property where this is currently one. I found the proposal grasping, and the requested variances from current zoning to be unreasonable. I urged our staff to oppose the variances in the strongest terms, and was pleased to see significant pushback by individual residents and the community association.


Kitchissippi Ward Forum, Tomorrow! August 22, 10am - 1pm

Just a quick reminder that our Kitchissippi Ward Forum is tomorrow, at the beautiful Orpheus Theatre (17 Fairmont Ave) from 10:00am - 1:00pm. We will have updates from Jeff, Staff, Community Associations, our BIAs, and our Community Partners. 

Light snacks, coffee, tea and water will be provided.

Please note that parking is limited, but don't forget there is a lovely bike corral at Fairmont and Wellington. 

Hope to see many of you there!


Dooring zone outreach

Yesterday afternoon, I was very pleased to join Safer Roads Ottawa, the Ottawa Police Service and the City to actively seek out the opinion of cyclists on how the new "dooring zone" markings are working for them. We got a lot of feedback from cyclists from whom we might not have otherwise heard. It was mixed, of course!

My thanks to all involved. It was a productive afternoon under that hot sun, and our understanding of how these are working was advanced. I shot a little video of how the afternoon went for those who would like a bit of the flavour.


434 Hilson Avenue: my letter of opposition to the Committee of Adjustment

I've written this morning to the Committee of Adjustment about the application to sub-divide and provide variances to create four, three-storey units at the corner of Hilson and Byron. It goes to hearing tomorrow. I don't write often to the Committee: it's deliberately a hands-off-to-politicians process. But, in this instance, it's not a run-of-the-mill application.


Committee of Adjustment Decision - 67 Pinhey Street

The following is a summary of the decision from the July 8th Committee of Adjustment hearing on 67 Pinhey Street:


Construction progress on Scott Street

Construction on Scott Street to accommodate the detour of buses during LRT conversion is proceeding more quickly than anticipated. Work on the Bayview to Carruthers section could be done as early as today (new catchbasins, curbs and repaving).


Champlain Oil station proposed for heritage designation

Next Thursday, our Built Heritage Sub-Committee will consider heritage designation for the old cottage gas station at the corner of Richmond Road and Island Park. The report recommending designation is attached below. I support the recommendation, and am looking forward to the debate. This building has significant potential for any number of uses that could be positive. Over the years, I've heard a lot of support for protecting it.