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Reid Park Redevelopment – Final Concept Plan & Environmental Risk Management Program

Commencing in the spring, 2017, the City of Ottawa will be redeveloping Reid Park to better meet the recreational needs of the surrounding community.


Congestion pricing study launches at sustainable transportation event

The findings of a study on road congestion pricing prepared by transportation specialists CPCS will be discussed for the first time at a road user fee symposium organized by the Healthy Transportation Coalition. The study, commissioned by Councillors Chernushenko, Leiper, McKenney and Nussbaum, looked at specific congestion pricing tools that would help reduce traffic congestion and increase transit ridership.  The study modelled four scenarios to achieve these objectives and concluded that raising the cost of parking would likely be the most cost-effective congestion pricing tool.


Public Information Session on April 4 for LRT Scott Street Detours

The Tom Brown Arena, 141 Bayview Road, will host a public information session April 4 so we can learn more about the temporary Scott Street detours coming as part of construction of Phase 2 of the LRT.


Innovation Centre to host Ottawa as a Music City panel

Juno Week is fast approaching with several events leading up to the Canadian music awards ceremony Sunday, April 2 at the Canadian Tire Centre.

One of those events is coming to Kitchissippi Ward on April 4 as the Innovation Centre at Bayview Yards will be hosting a seminal panel discussion on the future of Ottawa as a Music City.


Help protect City drinking water sources

In conjunction with Canada Water Weekand World Water Day (today!), and in compliance with Ontario’s 


My comments for the Byron Linear Park and Westgate re-zonings

It can sometimes be difficult to navigate the City's website to view items on committee agendas. To make things a little easier, here are my comments related to the Byron Linear Park re-zoning that has been recommended by staff to allow the continued operation of the farmers market there, as well as the Westgate shopping mall re-development, also recommended by planning staff for approval. View the full reports here, including development details and staff recommendations.


Hintonburg 40 km/h initiative complete

I want to pass my enthusiastic congratulations to the Hintonburg Community Association on the near-completion of its 40 km/h initiative. Its press release is copied below. In summary, its volunteers have achieved the required 66% concurrence from residents on every street to reduce the speed limit to 40 km/h. All that remains, we're told, is to put up the signs.


1960 Scott (Trailhead) open house and comments

The agenda for our March 28 Planning Committee is now online, including the staff report recommending approval of the 22-storey tower proposed for 1960 Scott Street. That's the location of the old Trailhead building, at the corner of McRae. You can view the agenda here along with the associated documents. Tuesday's meeting also includes approval for the large Westgate mall proposal, as well as re-zoning the Byron Linear Park to continue Farmer's Market operations.


Video version of newsletter #86

I've posted the video version of the most recent weekly(ish) newsletter. There's been some good feedback to it, especially that some of the context shots are helpful to residents as an add-on to the text version. What do you think? I've made a tech change in the office to use a MacBook which works more smoothly with our video camera, so am hoping to use more video in future.


Zero Waste discussion with Bea Johnson

Along with Councillors Chernushenko, McKenney, Fleury and Nussbaum, I'm very happy to support this evening of conversation with the author of Zero Waste Home (the inspiration for the new NU Grocery store soon to open in Ottawa. The evening will be downtown on April 18. Here's the description from the organizers from the Facebook event page found here. Follow NU Grocery on Twitter here.