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Minister's rationale for closing 417 Carling E-E- onramp

Back on Feb. 23, we posted a letter from provincial Minister of Environment Chris Ballard, declining the bump up of an environmental assessment on the 417 Carling Ave E-E onramp, thus paving the way for its closure. In the letter, Mr. Ballard stated the rationale for his decision could be found in the attached table. We received emails from those of you who noticed there was no attached table. We noticed that too, and after a few emails, the table was sent to us. The pdf is attached here.


Harmer Avenue pedestrian bridge open house

Harmer Avenue Pedestrian Bridge Replacement



March 2018

You are invited:

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

6:30 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.

Presentation at 7:00 p.m.- 7:30 p.m.

Fisher Park Summit Alternative School – Library (2nd floor)

250 Holland Avenue, Ottawa

Dear Resident,


Supporting a women's bureau at City Hall

Recently, I was taken to task online for supporting a building that has little parking on the grounds that some people need cars. The commenter wrote of my vote that it was “clearly a male ableist view that you are imposing. Women, immigrants & families need cars for more reasons than you can justify for your own life and purposes.”


1946 Scott Street approved: my vote

This week, the 9-storey development for Scott Street was approved. The vote was unanimous, including with my support. This was a highly contentious proposal, and some residents are very upset that I voted in favour of it with my colleagues.

I want to take this opportunity to explain why I voted for this development, and how I considered the multiple comments on the proposal that I’ve heard for months. This post won’t change any minds, but I do strive to communicate how I approach the various votes I take, and to be transparent in my work here at City Hall.


UPDATE: Cycling improvements at Maitland/417 Display boards are up

The city has now posted the display boards from the open house on cycling improvements on the Maitland/417 Bridge. They can be found 


Minister declines EA bump-up request for ramp closure

Last spring, several groups made a request to Queen's Park to "bump-up" the environmental assessment for the proposed Highway 417 Carling Avenue east-east ramp closure. I was recently made aware that those requests have been turned down. A bump-up would have subjected the project to the requirement for an individual environmental assessment.

A copy of Minister Ballard's letter is attached below as a .pdf.


Letter to NCC - future Rochester Field consultations

I was pleased to send the letter attached below (.pdf) today to the National Capital Commission requesting commitment to future consultations on any future development in Rochester Field as recently approved by Council.


Byron/Churchill development meeting

Please note that the meeting advertised below has been cancelled. After discussions with the developer's planner, they have determined not to proceed with this meeting at this time. If the proposal advances to a point at which they are ready to consult, we will work with them on an appropriate process, and advertise using that our usual channels.



CTA orders City to clarify future of Prince of Wales bridge

Today, a major decision by the Canadian Transportation Agency (CTA) came out requiring the City to either take steps to officially discontinue use of the Prince of Wales bridge for rail operations, or bring it up to a state of repair where it could be used on 12 months notice (order attached as a .pdf below).

It’s a decision with profound financial repercussions for the City, but could be good news for those advocating for a cycling/pedestrian connection between Gatineau and Bayview Station.


900 Albert Open House - Wednesday, Feb 21 6-8pm

Please consider joining us for an opportunity to hear Trinity's proposals for this development, specific to the public realm and connectivity for pedestrians and cyclists. 

Wednesday, February 21 2018 


St. Anthony's Banquet Hall (523 St. Anthony Street)