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Committee constrains size of Domicile development, Council decision to come

On Tuesday, Planning Committee voted to reduce the allowed height of the Domicile-proposed development on Roosevelt by a storey. Committee members supported a motion made by my colleague Tobi Nussbaum at the meeting in recognition of the concerns raised by myself and the community about the inappropriateness of introducing a traditional-mainstreet-style building on a residential street (original proposal pictured).


114 Richmond Rd - Ashcroft Homes Convent Development & Phase II Open House

We are hosting another Open House regarding Ashcroft Homes’ property at 114 Richmond Rd. You may recall in January, we hosted an Open House to discuss their proposal for an adaptive re-use of the Les Soeurs de la Visitation Convent. They received your feedback and as a result have reevaluated their proposal. The current application is proposing alterations which would include a new 9-storey ‘L’ shaped addition to the rear of the Convent, with the demolition of only the south wall and a portion of the west wing.


Infill monitoring report online

Last week, the City posted a report to the agenda of Tuesday’s Planning Committee updating its monitoring of how new infill rules are working (attached below). For those of us concerned about the impact of infills in our community, it’s well worth a careful read.


Kitchissippi Ward Park Priority Spending Plan - Final

Many of you may recall that over the course of 2017, we undertook a ward-wide consultation to discuss with the community how you’d like future Cash-In-Lieu of Parkland (CIL) funds spent. For those who are new to CIL funds, you can read more about them here, but in general, when a developer decides to build in our ward, they contribute CIL funds.


Mailes Avenue Reconstruction Public Information Session May 16

Notice from the City:

You are invited:

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

6:00 pm to 7:30 pm

Churchill Seniors Recreation Centre

345 Richmond Road, Ottawa, ON


Dear Resident,


The City of Ottawa would like to invite you to a Public Information Session to discuss a reconstruction project planned in your neighbourhood.



Ottawa Centre candidates survey

Today, I sent the following to the candidates seeking the office of MPP in Ottawa Centre.

Dear Marc Adornato, Bruce Faulkner, Joel Harden, Colleen McCleery, Yasir Naqvi, and Cherie Wong,


Affordable housing near transit: staff response

Late last year, I outlined in my first look at inclusionary zoning regulations my concern that housing is becoming increasingly unaffordable in the vicinity of our new LRT lines, particularly in Kitchissippi ward. As market demand skyrockets, housing in our ward is increasingly out-of-reach to many.


Kitchissippi ward newsletter video (May 6, 2018)

The latest video version of the Kitchissippi ward newsletter is now online. If you're not subscribed to the weekly(ish) email, subscribe today at



Rochester Field NCC response

In February, I wrote to the CEO of the National Capital Commission to ask for clarificaton on the NCC's long-term plans for the newly-approved development parcel at Rochester Field, and to emphasize that residents and I look forward to further consultations on its evolution.


Six storeys in the hole on Parkdale

I want to thank Brigil Homes who this morning showed me around their excavation site six storeys below ground. It was fascinating, and I always appreciate learning how these projects are constructed. The disruptive work of hoe-ramming is almost done, and residents in Mechanicsville can look forward to a relatively quiet summer as the building will soon begin to rise out of the hole. It was good to learn more about how the site drainage will work, how the building interfaces with City services, and the actual process of heavy civil construction.